Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Tk In AJ

What a hectic week. I flew back to Redmond on Tuesday and arrived late in the day. Trish picked me up at the airport, picked up the pickup and spent the night at Jerry's house. Got up early on Wednesday and started my trip back to AJ. Along the way, I picked up geocaches along the highway all the way to AJ. I arrived back Saturday afternoon safe and sound.

One of the most enjoyable sights along the way was between Fallon, Nv and Hawthorne, Nv. I stopped along the road to pick up a cache and spent 45 minutes sitting there watching the US Navy's "Top Gun" pilots screaming down the valley and doing mock dogfights. I tried to get a picture but they were moving way to fast to try and focus the phone on them.

As I neared Hawthorne and driving along Walker Lake I spotted a herd of Bighorn Sheep and managed to snap a picture of them.

Now, I need to hookup the water softener, put up the palm tree and I'm done.

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