Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where oh Where

It can't be time to leave Apache Junction and head north for the summer - can it???

It seems like we just got here and now it's time to leave. Well, we've been here 5 1/2 months, but it sure doesn't seem like it.
Cheryl has been active quiting up at the club house. 3 days per week, the local quilters gather up there to work on their projects and comment on anything and everything. We call it "Stitch and Bitch" instead of quilting

And then there is Bruce. I've done a ton and I mean a ton of geocaching down here and have been pretty much accepted into the local geocaching community. I really don't want to leave cause there are so many geocaches (thousands) in the area that I haven't had a chance to find.

We've gone to 3 NASCAR races since we arrived here in October. 2 in Phoenix and 1 in Las Vegas. In fact while we were in Las Vegas I finally went to a casino. Fort McDowell casino isn't any place that I want to go. 15 miles from here. I went once this year and that was enough.

When we arrive back in Redmond, we will be working for the Deschutes County Fair & Expo RV park. We will be the night and weekend hosts. Our hours are 5-9 Monday thru Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. But, we get our space plus a wage for doing it, so instead of paying, they are paying us. And, when we return here in the fall, we will be working the Meridian RV Park booth at Mesa Market. Again, we get our space rent paid. Back in the workforce again. ((((((((((((((((((((((((SIGH))))))))))))))))