Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Florence Oregon RV Rally

We spent 7 days in Florence, Oregon. The first 4 days were spent relaxing and preparing for the Rim Rock Roamers FMCA rally. Of course it rained. It was the Oregon coast afterall. We had 21 coaches attending and only 19 reserved spaces, so our first challenge was parking. We wound up doubling several of the smaller coaches on one spot and it all worked out well. We were co-hosts on this rally along with Pete and Debbie Ribble. Our job was to prepare meals for the attendees. No stove, oven, refrigerator or water was available to us in our meeting building, so we improvised with propane grills, turkey cookers, griddles and extension cords running to every available outlet. We set up 2 dining canopies to cook under and pulled it off. The activites we planned for everyone went out the window due to the rain, but everyone seemed to find ways to occupy their time. It was great to see many of our RV friends again and looking forward to the next rally we will attend.