Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Tk In AJ

What a hectic week. I flew back to Redmond on Tuesday and arrived late in the day. Trish picked me up at the airport, picked up the pickup and spent the night at Jerry's house. Got up early on Wednesday and started my trip back to AJ. Along the way, I picked up geocaches along the highway all the way to AJ. I arrived back Saturday afternoon safe and sound.

One of the most enjoyable sights along the way was between Fallon, Nv and Hawthorne, Nv. I stopped along the road to pick up a cache and spent 45 minutes sitting there watching the US Navy's "Top Gun" pilots screaming down the valley and doing mock dogfights. I tried to get a picture but they were moving way to fast to try and focus the phone on them.

As I neared Hawthorne and driving along Walker Lake I spotted a herd of Bighorn Sheep and managed to snap a picture of them.

Now, I need to hookup the water softener, put up the palm tree and I'm done.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Day Ahead

Well. not really. Just the activity meeting this morning and then coming back to the coach and picking out what clothes I want to pack for tomorrow's flight back to Redmond. Yup, back to Redmond to get the pickup and bring it down here for the winter. No sense in letting it sit another 6 months. I plan on being back in the land of "fun and sun" sometime on Saturday.

Of course, I'll do some geocaching along the way so it will take me a little longer to get here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting Into The Routine

Lounging - enjoying the warm weather - Happy Hour around the pool - meeting old friends and making new ones.

Life is good

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awning Is Now Fixed

After calling several RV mobile techs, and some saying they didn't want to mess with it and others not even calling back, Cheryl spotted a mobile tech in the park yesterday and had him stop by. $79 and the awning is now working (somewhat). We will have to replace the awning itself since it did get some stress damage when it came out unexpectedly, but for now it is working.
Last night Stephanie (Jim's daughter) brought her puppy over for us to babysit for 3 days while she is proctoring a volleyball tournament in Phoenix. He's a cute little guy and smart, but I'm not used to puppies anymore. Holly kinda looked at him and said WTF is that?
They played (as much as you can play in a motorhome) and at bedtime, I just put him on the bed with me. For a tiny toy poodle, he didn't take up much room and slept next to me all night so that was a plus. I think today, we will go to Jim and Toni's house and take him with us so that he can bein his own surroundings for the afternoon.

Monday, October 17, 2011

We've Landed In Apache Junction

We left Yuma this morning around 9, stopped for fuel and headed on towards Apache Junction. We arrived around noon and it was 97 - no breeze and hot. It took awhile to get the coach set up for a long term stay. Cheryl and I kept coming back into the coach to get somewhat cool before going back out again. Tomorrow, I'll call the mobile rv repair so we can get the patio awning working. We need some shade. We have the patio table and umbrella and chairs set up, so we are almost ready. The last thing I'll do is put up the palm tree.

Pictures of our place tomorrow.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Annual Los Algodones, Mexico Trip

Yesterday, we did our annual tourist trip to Los Algodones. We had nothing special in mind when we went except to pursue my hobby of Geocaching. I knew of 2 geocaches in Los Algodones so loaded them into my GPS and off we went. I found both of them without any trouble and now can add a foreign country to my statistics. The 1st one we found was in Pueblo Viejo ( a local eatery) and after signing the logs and dipping several trackable items in the cache, we decided to come back for lunch since the food smelled so good.

Now, we went shopping. Of course we made a trip to the local pharmacia/liquor store/smoke shop and made a few purchases. As far as souveniers go, we didn't buy a thing. Cheryl found a turtle that she wanted to put out in front of the motorhome. But, I didn't feel like carrying it around and thru customs and across the border (80lbs) so we passed on it.

When we got back to the coach, I thought about doing some geocaching around this area, but the temp was 105 and no breeze, so opted to enjoy the air conditioned coach and have a short nap.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure or lack thereof.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Landed In Yuma

What a long day yesterday - 3 hours from Lake Havasu to Yuma. We'll be here for 4 days and then head to Apache Junction for the balance of our stay down south.

After we arrived and got set up, I tried to extend our patio awning. (Yes, it's the awning that we had trouble with when we left). It went out about 3 inches and that was it. After monkeying around with it, I was able to get it back (or close to) the closed position. Now, it's zip tied and I'll put a couple more on and hope that it makes it to Apache Junction so that we can get a mobile repairman out and get it working again.

I was going to find one here, but we want to go to Los Algodones, Mx today for some good authentic Mexican food and a little shopping. Of course, I'll take my GPS with me as there are a couple of geocaches in Los Algodones and if I find them, I'll be able to add a foreign country to my stasistics.

I'll post the results later. Time to go.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On The Road Again

We left the Redmond Fairgrounds RV park on the 5th or October and went to Coachmasters in Bend to have a couple of things done to the motorhome before we headed south for the winter. One of the things was to check out our large awning. It needed a motor replacement and they informed us that it would take several days to get the motor in. We decided to wait until we got to Apache Junction before we would have it fixed since they told us it would be OK to travel. Well, we got 2 miles down the highway and a gust of wind caught it and it extended fully on the Bend Parkway. I managed to get the motorhome pulled over and out of the traffic. Coachmasters came and got it rolled back up, zip tied and back to their lot we went. They were able to overnight a replacement motor in and the new one was installed the next day. We spend one more night in their lot and left early on the 7th to start our journey south.

Our 1st night out was spent at the Bordertown RV resort. Nothing fancy about this place but just a real convenient overnight spot. Waking up the next morning, there was frost on the window of the car, so we knew we had to get out of there and quick, so buttoned everything up and headed to Terribles Lakeside RV Resort in Pahrump for the next 3 nights. (Now the weather is starting to get nicer).

After Pahrump, we were on our way to Yuma, but at the last minute, we decided to go to Lake Havasu for a couple of days before heading on. Now the weather is getting downright perfect. Yesterday it was in the triple digits and cools down to 70 at night. Perfect for me, but not for Cheryl. We'll leave today and make the long trek to Yuma (2 1/2 hours) and spend the next 4 days there.

Stay tuned for updates.