Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awning Is Now Fixed

After calling several RV mobile techs, and some saying they didn't want to mess with it and others not even calling back, Cheryl spotted a mobile tech in the park yesterday and had him stop by. $79 and the awning is now working (somewhat). We will have to replace the awning itself since it did get some stress damage when it came out unexpectedly, but for now it is working.
Last night Stephanie (Jim's daughter) brought her puppy over for us to babysit for 3 days while she is proctoring a volleyball tournament in Phoenix. He's a cute little guy and smart, but I'm not used to puppies anymore. Holly kinda looked at him and said WTF is that?
They played (as much as you can play in a motorhome) and at bedtime, I just put him on the bed with me. For a tiny toy poodle, he didn't take up much room and slept next to me all night so that was a plus. I think today, we will go to Jim and Toni's house and take him with us so that he can bein his own surroundings for the afternoon.

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