Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update From Meridian

Just enjoying the Arizona weather and relaxing. I've been doing a lot of geocaching and increasing my find count. I've pretty much done everything close by, so now I'm back doing it in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Queen Creek.
Friday night we had a wonderful Veteran's Day program. All branches of the service (both Canadian and American) were recognized individually. Then, we had a short performance by the Uptown Angels (actually 3 sisters) that did a 40s and 50s USO type tour with old songs. They were very good and the 45 minutes went by in a hurry.
Today, Keith and I are off to Phoenix International Raceway for the next to the last NASCAR race of the year. No - I'm not driving. We're taking a tour bus. And of course, rain is in the forcast.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Spent most of the day lounging around the motorhome and enjoying the last day of nice weather for awhile. The winds picked up around noon and were gusting up to 45 mph and blowing dust and sand. When we went up to the "happy hour" tonight, only 20 people showed up. The new activity director is going to have to be straightened out or this park will slowly go downhill. If this is what a Friday night is going to be like, we won't be going again.

Tomorrow, the rains and cool weather will be upon us for the next week. Yuck!!!!!!!! I guess I'll have to go and get a library card from the Apache Junction library so I'll have something to read.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update From Meridian

Things are starting to return to normal now. Most (not all) of our close friends from last year have arrived for the season. Dutch and Tony are back at their home in Fountain of the Sun. We spent most of the day with them on Tuesday catching up on all sorts of various topics.
Bob and Maggie along with their dog Zoey arrived late Tuesday. The 1st thing Zoey wanted to do was to come and visit "Uncle". We weren't home but she led Bob to our door and she sat and waited for us to come out.
Yesterday, Keith and Caroline got here and Axol wanted to see "Uncle" also. Gosh, it's wonderful to be loved.

I finally got around to putting the palm tree up. So, I guess we're now ready for the season. Now, the only thing to do is to get the coach washed and waxed.