Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sitting in Loigandale Nevada

We left Bullhead City, Az on Monday and drove to Logandale,Nv to spend several days with our friends John and Sue. Yesterday they gave us a guided tour of Fire of the Sun state park and Lake Mead. Today, we went with them to one of their friends and partook in a wine bottling party. We bottled 3 different types of wine and a total of 45 gallons. We will be bringing some back to Oregon with us. Tomorrow, we will start our journey north and should be back in Redmond either Sunday or Monday. Below are several pictures from Fire of the Sun

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Winnebago Has Wandered

We left our winter home in Apache Junction this morning and drove the motorhome for the 1st time since 11/1/2010. It seemed strange to be driving down the road. Our 1st stop on our trip back to Central Oregon is in Bullhead City, Arizona. We plan on spending the weekend here and then on Monday leave for Mesquite, Nevada. It's interesting to see the names of the different washes and stream beds. One that tickles me everytime I see it is "Rattlesnake Wash". I know there are car washes and truck washes. But who wants to wash their rattlesnake. The next time we are in that area, I'll have to stop for a photo-op. It was sad leaving this morning. Many of our new friends are still there until the end of the month. I think that next year, we will stay until the end of April before we start our trek north. Since we are right across the river from Laughlin, I can see a casino night tonight and maybe even again tomorrow. More to come as we move north.