Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time For An Update

Right now, we are sitting in Coachmasters RV Repair Lot. Exciting isn't it??? Our time in Central Oregon has come to an end. As soon as we get the oil changed and a couple other little things done, we will be venturing to the Oregon coast for several weeks.
Since arriving in Redmond the end of April, we've attended a Rim Rock Roamers FMCA rally in Canyonville, Or and the Northwest FMCA rally in Albany, Or. The balance of the time we have been hanging out at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo RV park in Redmond. The 2 months we were there went extremely fast and didn't seem like it was time to go.
After we leave the Oregon Coast, we will head to Prosser, Wa for another RV rally with our club. After that, we will venture towards the midwest with another couple from our club to attend the National FMCA Rally in Madison, Wi. The following weekend is my 50th class reunion in Sioux City, Ia. We had planned on spending a month or so there and then head south. But, due to the flood on the Missouri River (the rv park is under 5' of water) we have changed our plans and will head back to Oregon via the Black Hills and Yellowstone with an arrival back at the Fairgrounds RV park on the 6th of September and spend another month there before we head back to Apache Junction, Az for the winter.
The blog will be updated a lot more frequently as we start our trek East. Stay tuned