Friday, September 9, 2011

Flying the 2 flags proudly. The 10th anniversary of 9/11/2001 is tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Redmond Oregon

We actually got back to Redmond around 5PM on Monday night. The traffic was so light on the holiday weekend, we made very good time. We parked the coach, but didn't hook up the water or sewer. Just electric so that we could take it to the car wash and get 4000 miles of road grime and dirt off it as well as 4000 miles of bug splatters. $20 worth of quarters and it is relatively clean. We're now parked for the month and enjoying the Oregon late summer and early fall weather.

Pictures of the journey will be loaded soon.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Is A Catch-up Blog

After leaving Spearfish, we headed towards Yellowstone for 3 days. On our way to Riverton, Wy - both Pete's and my motorhome overheated. Mine wasn't as bad as Pete's. His fuel actually shut off so there wouldn't be any motor damage. He stopped in Casper while we went on to Riverton. 3 hours later, they showed up and the problem was the rear radiator was plugged with road debris and wouldn't cool. So, before we left for West Yellowstone, we stopped at a car wash and $21 later, we had a clean radiator and was cooling just fine.

The resort we stayed at was just outside the boundry of Yellowstone, so it was easy to get into the park whenever we wanted. As saw Buffalo and Elk, bug never did see Moose or Bear while we were there. Naturally, we visited Old Faithful and toured the Old Faithful Inn. I can remember being there when I was just a wee lad and it was great to see it with a different outlook.

Since we were in the park, I just had to do some geocaching and pick up another state in my geocaching experience.

West Yellowstone is a really neat little town. Most of the building are rustic or a "log cabin" look. Many cute little pokey shops to go in. Of course, more t shirts and sweatshirts for me, so will have to weed out some that were in the coach when we get back to Redmond.

I've got many pictures to post, but will hold off and create separate blog entries for the Black Hills and Yellowstone.

We left West Yellowstone this morning and are on our way back to Oregon and will be "home" on Tuesday. Tonight we are in Twin Falls, Idaho and tomorrow we will spend the night in Burns. That way, we can arrive in Redmond early enough in the day so that we can take this dirty filthy road grime and bug splattered motorhome to the car wash and get it cleaned before we check in at the RV park.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates.