Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Annual Los Algodones, Mexico Trip

Yesterday, we did our annual tourist trip to Los Algodones. We had nothing special in mind when we went except to pursue my hobby of Geocaching. I knew of 2 geocaches in Los Algodones so loaded them into my GPS and off we went. I found both of them without any trouble and now can add a foreign country to my statistics. The 1st one we found was in Pueblo Viejo ( a local eatery) and after signing the logs and dipping several trackable items in the cache, we decided to come back for lunch since the food smelled so good.

Now, we went shopping. Of course we made a trip to the local pharmacia/liquor store/smoke shop and made a few purchases. As far as souveniers go, we didn't buy a thing. Cheryl found a turtle that she wanted to put out in front of the motorhome. But, I didn't feel like carrying it around and thru customs and across the border (80lbs) so we passed on it.

When we got back to the coach, I thought about doing some geocaching around this area, but the temp was 105 and no breeze, so opted to enjoy the air conditioned coach and have a short nap.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure or lack thereof.

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