Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On Our Rumps In Pahrump

We're spending 3 days in Pahrump, Nv visiting with friends from Redmond and doing a little geocaching while here. We've been to this park before and it really is quite nice. Of course, there is a casino on site, so the Misses is quite happy about it.
Somewhere along the way, we picked up a little hitchhiker and we were'nt very enthused about him tagging along, so we bought sticky mouse traps as well as several of the "live trap" ones too. I didn't much care whether he was caught alive or dead, just caught. They have been out for several days now and this morning, there was the little furry creature squeaking on one of the sticky traps. Now, if he didn't have a friend traveling with him, then we are mouse free. Now, we need to get Bounce dryer sheets and place them in all the drawers, cupboards and bays. I guess the little suckers don't like the smell. We'll do anything to keep them from invading us again.
Tomorrow, we're off towards Yuma. How far we'll get - who knows. Stay tuned.

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