Monday, October 25, 2010

Death Valley

Our second day in Beatty was mainly so we could take the Honda and the "babies" and head into Death Valley for the day. We started our day with a stop in Rhyolite, Az. Supossedly, it is the most photographed ghost town in Az. From there we went on to Furnace Creek, Ca. It's not at all what we expected. It was a regular resort. But, a 4 slice pack of bologna was $5.25 and a gallon of Diesel was $4.88 We ventured on to Badwater, which is the lowest point in the US and is 282 Feet below sea level. I'm glad the dam holding the ocean back didn't break. On our way back, we took a side trip though Artists Drive. It's really a must see and pictures don't do it words. From there back through Furnace Creek and up to Stovepipe Wells and back to Beatty. There is much more to see and we will make another stop on our way back north in the spring.

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