Friday, October 22, 2010

A Fairly Exciting Day

The travel wasn't bad. We only drove from Hawthorne, Nv to Beatty, Nv and the distance traveled was 93 miles. It's too bad Oregon and California can't take highway maintenance like Nevada does. Highway 95 is a wonderful 2 lane highway and for the most part smooth as glass. The only exciting part of the trip came 20 miles from Beatty. It seemed that the driver needed to make a pit stop and the co-pilot found a wide spot off the highway. While the driver was pitting, the co-pilot ventured out to have a quick smoke. For once, she actually looked down before she stepped to far from the coach. Can you say "sidewinder rattlesnake" about 5 feet from her feet? Yep, when I went out, there it was sidewinder slithering away. Those little things move really fast. We watched it until it crawled up into some scrub brush. We are spending tonight and probably tomorrow in Beatty at the . We went out and did a couple of geocaches before dinner and tomorrow we will take the Honda and make a nice little side trip into Death Valley and visit Furnace Creek, Rhyolite, Stovepipe Wells and Scotty's Castle.
Stay tuned for further adventures.

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