Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Lost "Ethel"

We lost Ethel and don't have a clue where she is. OK, Ethel is our Garmin GPS and we won't leave home without her. Sometime between the 14th of October and now, she has come up missing. We've scoured the house up and down as well as the pickup and the PT and she's nowhere to be found. We're thinking at this point, that she's been kidnapped by some unscrupulous nefarious person. So, it looks like tomorrow I will go "Ethel II" shopping. If she ever shows up again, we'll give her a good scolding and relegate her to Cheryl's Honda and not let her go in the motorhome again.

We've just about got the motorhome packed. Most all of our clothes are packed as well as the fridge and pantry. About the only thing left is to take out Cheryl's sewing machine and quilting supplies. Then it's on the road Tuesday as soon as we get the Scotties back from getting groomed.


  1. Well that happens when you start getting up in the years...
    Next will be I lost my Winnebago ;)

  2. Last I heard Ethel was living the high life with you guys and now she's on the lam with some hoodlums. Better be more watchful of Ethel 2 or we will have to report you to GSD. That's Garmin Services Division.

  3. I heard she really was kind of a bi__h anyway, and that she really had been around....

  4. So, did Ethel II get you there or what??
    Guess ya know, we had a "gathering" of spitting snow the day after you left. NO, I did not go sit in it! But I smelled it!!!