Sunday, November 15, 2009

Off The Road For A Couple Of Days

It's time to relax for a couple of days now. We've dodged the snow going over Mt Hood and over the Siskyous heading into California. So, now we'll just sit for a couple of days. It's too bad that Cheryl and I are not wine lovers since we are in the middle of the Napa Valley and all the wineries. We're not unhooking the tow car, we're just going to relax. Cheryl is happy since the resort that we are staying at is on an Indian reservation and they have a casino and a shuttle from the park.
Now, Ethel II and I are going to have a little chat. Not only does she show my speed, but she also shows the posted speed so I can't even "fudge" a little. Cheryl used to be my navigator, but now she's becoming a nagivator. I'm wondering if I can turn that setting off.
Tomorrow, we'll start working our way down to Bakersfield and then over then over towards Barstow. Why Barstow? I don't have a clue, except that we've never been there and need to see what's there.
I'll post more later when there is something more exciting going on.

1 comment:

  1. Barstow???? Because of the 20 Mule Team and you can take a bath in all the Borax you want.