Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oranges, oranges and more oranges

The RV park is the middle of a 500 acre orange grove. There are 200 spaces for RVs. Although the oranges aren't quite ready to pick yet, they are wonderful and sweet. The park encourages the "guests" to pick a grocery sack full during their stay. We will be in Bakersfield another day before we head towards Barstow and Lake Havasu. Although I am not a Buck Owens fan, we want to go see his Crystal Palace museum and bar. I might just have to have sample their dining menu.
I'm still roughing it. The satellite dish will not recognize the satellites, so we will have to go to a Motosat dealer in Lake Havasu and have it reprogramed. We found out that it will work in Oregon and Washington as is, because it will pick up the older satellites, but new ones have been launched for the southern US.


  1. Thats the way to rough it.....Good goin'

  2. You look darn good in those Oranges!!! Eat a bunch for me... High in Potassium!! Enjoy that Buck Owens Museum & Bar & Menu! Enjoy and Enjoy some more!!