Monday, July 18, 2011

Ione Oregon

As you drive into this little burg - the welcome sign says "Growing With Pride". Since we were last here 2 years ago, there hasn't been much growth. The only thing new is their "RV" park. It has 8 spaces and I don't see how you could comfortably park more than 4 in it. $40 per night to sit on a gravel corner lot. No office - you have to call the phone number listed and if someone answers and feels like coming into town, you can stay there. There is water and sewer along with 30 and 20 amp electric. No - we are not staying there. We're across the street at Chery's brother's place and are running our electric into his shop.
We're leaving this morning to take her brother to Pendleton to the casino. It's his 1st trip out since hip replacement surgery 2 months ago.
I always say the name of this town as I-One - and hope to be able to say later today I-Won.
I know, that's kinda sick. Later

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