Friday, July 29, 2011

Bismarck, ND

We pretty much had an uneventful journey across Montana. After leaving Osburn, our next stop was in Deer Lodge, Mt for one night. Other than being rather close to the highway, the park was OK. Looking at the map and where we wanted to wind up the next night, we had a long day of driving to Miles City for the next night. We stopped for the night in a fairly new park and managed to sink down in the uncompacted gravel and never did get the coach level. As we approached Bismarck I noticed that the air pressure gauge for the front air dropped to zero. Not a good sign but the warning buzzer didn't come on so continued on to the KOA campground. (Did I mention that I had KOAs). We're only going as far as Jamestown today so that the laundry can get caught up. If a problem persists we may spend several days trying to get it fixed. If it's just a faulty gauge, we'll continue on and monitor it along the way. Here's hoping.

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