Monday, August 29, 2011

Heading To Spearfish SD

We're leaving this morning for a short drive up to Spearfish and will spend 2 days there touring Lead and Deadwood. It's not enough time but, we are running out of time and need to be back in Redmond on the 6th of September and still need to see Yellowstone (and that's even going to be cut short a couple of days).
Yesterday, Cheryl and I just poked around in the little "pokey places" in Hill City and then in Keystone. Just a relaxing day with nothing else going on. I've been waiting to see the deer in the meadow in front of the motorhome, but they have been elusive and haven't come out during the day.
After a solid 2 months of wearing shorts, today will have to be a "Long Pants" day. The weather has turned a mite cool, but only for the day and back warm again tomorrow.
I've got a lot of pictures to post, but will put all of them in a separate blog entry later.

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