Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Parked For The Winter

The coach may be parked, but I haven't been in too much of a "toot" to get everything set up. I did manage to get the windows washed and the sunscreens put on as well as the tire covers. That's about as far as I have gone with the winter setup. We had a minor change of plans. We didn't inquire and the park didn't say, but we're not allowed to put up dining canopies due to abuse of the privelege several years ago. Now, we're looking at finding a cheap table and chairs that has an umbrella so we can manufacture some afternoon shade.
We did go back to Mesa Spirit today to pick up our bikes that we left there in the spring. They survived the micro-burst and mini tornado that went thru the park last month. I just need to pump up the tires. I'll put that on the "to do" list for later on in the week. The rope light palmtree is still in the box. Maybe I'll save that for next week. I don't want to get everything done all at once. I need to space things out some.

That's the latest update -stay tuned for more.

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