Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain and Wind Times 3

We have been inundated with rain and wind for the past week. And I mean RAIN and WIND. Yesterday we semi-survived the 60+ MPH winds and 3.54 inches of rain. The dining canopy bit the dust but everything else more or less survived. I have 2 of my wheel covers under the motorhome and as soon as it dries out, I will crawl underneath and retrieve them. The dining canopy was another story. During one extreme gust, it picked up and flew into the dog run. Twas a sight to see. Upon landing, it folded up like an accordian. The cover went into the trash today, and the metal framework went into a recycle bin.
There were several motorhomes that sank into the sand and are being towed out as I write this. Ours isn't one of them. I put pads under the jacks when we arrived and it helped. I will have to raise the jacks and reposition the pads, but that isn't a big deal. We had at least 4 tall palm trees that I know of that have toppled over. Thankfully, no RVs were damaged by them. Hopefully, the storm due late today and into tomorrow will be the last for awhile.
On the plus side, this area got their entire yearly rainfall in 3 days. There isn't any drought now.

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