Monday, December 7, 2009

A Dreary Day In Arizona

Rain, rain and more rain to come. It's not even close to short and t shirt weather (yet). Cool, breezy and rainy. That's been the norm for the better part of this last week, but next week looks more promising. But looking at the weather at the "sticks and bricks", this is downright pleasant.

Yesterday we went to Mesa Marketplace. It's billed as a swap meet - flea market. Really, it's all retail stores of every kind imaginable under 1 1/4 miles of cover. It's always fun to go and see what is there as it changes every week as new vendors come in and others leave.

It's hard to believe that it soon will be Christmas. Palm trees decorated and yard decorations in the sandy yards aren't quite the same as up "north". But, it will do for the forseeable future.

We did decorate the coach with a cute little tree that was made for us by good friends, so it is rather cheery.

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